put this in your mouth

My friend Dominic had a show open in Chicago Last weekend at the Museum of Surgical Science. Dom and I attended grad school together and he really started laying groundwork for himself the year before graduation. I'm a big fan of the simplicity of graphite on paper, in this case Yupo, and the show of his hand is evident and quite lovely in the graphite residue.

“Put This in Your Mouth” features Dominic Paul Moore’s graphite depictions of images culled from medical advertisements, modified according to his memories of the sterile hospital environment as an asthmatic child and the son of a respiratory therapist. Stark and simplistic compositions often replace the ads’ humane medical assistants with cold yet anthropomorphous machines, exploiting the cinematic qualities of these source materials to subvert their original intent. Moore says, “These drawings juxtapose the vacillating fragility of life with the rigidity of medical technology.”

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