me, jess witte, and kim strom
below: kim feasting on Shawn Stucky's edible exhibition statement

I saw this show on opening night and it just closed a couple weeks ago. You'd think 2 months would have given me plenty of time to mention it, but I've been so overwhelmed lately and still feel like I'm playing catch up. For a Limited Time Only featured work created to deliberately decay, disintegrate, or otherwise disappear during its short run. My friend Jess Witte was one of the featured artist so I made the trip up to Highland Park Art Center.
Jess installed birdseed doilies both in the gallery and outdoors around the bases of tress. Over time the seeds outdoor will disappear from wind, rain, and as birds and squirrels forage. The seeds indoors become held at the mercy of a misguided visitor's foot or are purposefully removed to create new patterns or some were seen removing seeds and stockpiling them in other corners of the gallery. None of the work has an existence beyond this show. The act, the documentation, the memory of the experience is what remains. I know a lot of the time I get caught up in the objectness of a work of art, but I've always been smitten with artists who explore ephemeral art. Being present at the reception and being a part of that given moment when everything is as intended and original, was the type of event I wish happened more frequently.

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