Day 1 of 7 - Installation-Nation

So, the day began a bit behind schedule. The storage containers did not fully arrive on site until about 2:30 and the interiors were less than stellar. When Dane from Primary Colours went to check the containers out a couple weeks ago, they were awesome and white and shiny on the inside. The ones that arrived today are dull, rusty, and have tad of graffiti :-/ not exactly what I had envisioned for my installation. I should have been prepared for the unexpected, but I felt like everything had been covered and I had no need for concerns.

It's kind of bizarre because I am normally always prepared for the unexpected. I certainly brought enough clothing for a 2 month/three season stay. So I need to shift my perspective and think about my installation in the context of a worn storage container... the amount of times I've moved, the excessive usage of the container, and why I feel there will still be comfort in the space once my objects are introduced.

After being miserable in the 88 degree weather for the afternoon (Yes, I am one of those people who always complains about the heat or cold unless it is between 60-66 will low humidity) I was able to claim a container. Carefully cutting the vinyl to fit the corrugated side walls, I only accomplished the flooring today. Tomorrow, my divider wall should be in place and I can hang my curtains and begin to move in furniture.

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  1. awesome. I wish I could come hang out in your container :)