L.A. Galleries (part 1) - Culver City

I had scoped out some galleries prior to heading to L.A. When I make trips and check out galleries, I always do so with low expectations. Partially because my taste has narrowed tremendously over the past couple years and partially because the artist whose work I want to see is not being exhibited at the moment. The majority of galleries I visited had some really great art and I was thrilled to see so much drawing. First on my list is the work of Matthew Chambers at Angstrom Gallery. The walls were lined with his drawings and read in somewhat of a series, each one slightly informing the other, yet each stood on its own as well. I just wanted to touch them all over. The fingerprints, smudges, and erasures appealed to my tactile self, but I think their 'I look like I was drawn by a crazy person' was part of their appeal too. Yes, I know, very insightful considering all the schooling I've had.

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