L.A. Galleries - Part Two

The show at Kim Light Lightbox made my entire trip worthwhile. I would have been content seeing nothing else after Penelope Gottlieb's show No $ Down. Each of her drawings were beautifully executed with colored pencil and framed with refurbished vintage frames she refers to as a 'fixer-uppers' painted to match. These monochromatic works are are frontal views of Southern Californian architecture: the track home, the bungalow, the storybook house. Her real estate marketing theme examines the American dream of home ownership, the role of house as home, class identity, and status symbol. She seeks out her houses in the ads of the L.A. Times. The frontal, uniform photographs lend themselves as the perfect source material and with taglines like Charm Galore, Find Your Nest, No Place Like Home, Motivated Seller Wants Out, who could ask for better titles.

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  1. Ohhhh!!!!!
    I LOVE these!!!
    So glad you posted these! I am off to stalk miss Penelope now!