shelves - take 1

well, i finally decided to try my hand at hanging shelves. this room was in sad shape at one point with two different country blue wallpaper designs and a chair rail, which made this tiny bedroom seem minuscule. the walls were in need of repair after the wallpaper came down. there were so many cracks and the surface quality was poor so we had the walls skim coated and then i painted everything. the walls are so nice and smooth now that i've had a hard time forcing myself to pound or drill holes into them. i've had some IKEA Lacks shelves sitting in the room for several months now and it's finally gotten to the point where i'm tired of having my artwork on the floor, leaned up against the walls. we have plaster and lathe walls, which are quite difficult to work with. i've had my share experiences with crumbling plaster from too hard of a nail tap. finding studs is also a difficult task with plaster and lathe because a stud finder is not useful, however i recently found a great secret on instructables website using a magnet to find studs. didn't matter for this project because the metal bracket that gets screwed to the wall has predetermined holes. now that i have one shelf up, i'm stuck again. i'm still playing around with the spacing between the shelves, but hopefully by weeks end i'll just make a decision and put the rest og the shelves up.

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  1. are the shelves hung yet?? :)
    I am dreaming of owning a house lately, i need to stop lusting after the houses on designsponge. :)