chairs, chairs, everywhere

Friday I drove to Coleman, MI to pick up a newly acquired ebay purchase... yes, another chair. On the way back along my woodsy journey I stopped in Evart, MI at a corner diner. While I waited for my meal I decided to write down all the chairs I've acquired over the past few years. I listed every potential space in my house: attic, 2nd floor, 1st floor, basement, and garage and proceeded to write down all the chairs that occupied my life. The final count... 22, and that includes my most recent purchase in the backseat of the car. Wow, twenty-two chairs. I didn't realize I had accumulated so many in such a short time. Where does this obsession with chairs originate from? I don't know. But, I do know they symbolize part of my need for a social space within my home. The more chairs I have, the more bodies I can accommodate. I think I need to have a chair party.

I've been chair hunting in my mind for what seems like years, though has only seriously (cash in hand) been about a year. The big purchase began with Design Within Reach. I'd been pining for the flight recliner ever since my friends purchased a matching pair 4 years ago and it was one chair that my partner (who has chronic lower back pain) could sit in, pain free. Let me remind you that trying to find a recliner that doesn't look like a recliner is next too impossible. There was a sale and free shipping...the time had finally come. The wait was over....well, after 7 more weeks post ordering, the chair in Fabric 2 - Morel, arrived. What happens after was one huge disappointment in DWR and their quality control. A lousy upholstery job and fabric flaws had us on the phone within minutes of it's arrival. Also, for the price one pays for a flight recliner I should not have to assemble it, the chrome legs came separate! After all was said and done the chair went back and a new one did not return.

The search continued. We thought about getting a matching chair for our sofa from room and board, but it did not have a higher back. In fact, as I became obsessed with looking at chairs I found there aren't any chairs with high backs. If I'm sitting and lounging, I want neck and head support. They just don't make furniture like they used to. I found a chair on craigslist that while not worth what I paid, sufficed for the time being. Now, I have finally found a good fit, an Eames style lounge without the hefty price tag. Don't get me wrong, if I had the means I would have an Eames Lounge in a Ivory/Walnut or Palisander combo in a heartbeat. I have several other Eames pieces that fit nicely in the house, but none that fit well into the living room. The chair I got is made by Cafemo. I have had very little luck finding out any information on this company other than the chair was made in Italy. It has a burnt orange leather with a chrome base AND a bonus over the Eames, tilt action. I do not feel like I'm slouching, as I sometimes feel in an Eames. The lever allows for a stationary position or an adjustable tilt. I do like the die-cast aluminum base on the Eames better, but I am not complaining becasue the chair was a steal. After I gave it a good leather cleaning and conditioning I went to town on the rest of the living room and got some more art hung. The grouping of four prints, l to r, top to bottom: Mike McGovern, Dellas Henke, Meghan Giless, Philip Stratton. Large scale drawing on right, Ryan VanderLey. Butt fart pillow, Ryan Greaves.

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