Prep, Prep, and more Prep

This past weekend I started preparing my supplies and artwork for my upcoming Installation in Indy. First was the task of moving a 12' wide by 30' long roll of vinyl flooring from the basement to driveway, then measuring and cutting it to 8' x 20', the size of the metal shipping container. There were originally 2- 30 foot long pieces of linoleum to fill the gallery which held the original installation here

The bird's eye view makes the newly cut flooring look tiny. it sure didn't feel tiny trying to unroll and lay it out, sheesh! I played around with blue tape and furniture dimensions to get a feel for how easy the space will be to navigate and then made a final list of furniture and objects I will be bringing with me. Even though I am an excellent packer, a panel van can only hold so much.
The shipping containers are metal and rented, therefore I'm not allowed to make alterations that cannot be undone. Hmmmm, how does one hang 40 pieces of frame art, curtains, cords, etc? Magnets, of course! After much research about magnetic Pull Forces and other magnet lingo I made my earth magnet purchase from KJ Magnetics. Let me say that Earth magnets are not toys! I pinched my finger within the first minute trying to separate a grouping and this was after I read the warning about pinching digits! Anyway, I decided to use thin gauge strips of 1/2" wide brass, cut into 1/2" squares and then bent those squares in half. I used JB Weld to secure the brass hanger to the magnet and 16 hours later I am hanging a piece of art off of one of these tiny, mighty, magnets.

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