Day 3 of 7 - Installation-Nation

I woke up to more rain last night and this morning, so I my motivation level was low. I thought I would spend the day at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, but decided to pass by the Installation-Nation site on my way. It wasn't a torrential downpour or lightning, so I decided to try to make some more progress. The only crummy part was the mud that surrounded my crate. I moved in most of the furniture, got the magnet hangers up, placed some bowls and plants, and began rigging up some light fixtures. Hopefully, tomorrow we'll have some electricity and I can start lighting the space.
I also had a nice conversation with a fellow artist Brian Priest. He filled me in on the layout of Indy and it's neighborhoods and not so surprising, we have a friend in common in St. Louis.


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  1. Michele,
    This is so cool! I have really enjoyed reading about the project and watching your progress. Best of luck as it continues!
    It looks great :)
    Susan Mulder