incubation part II

the figure made an appearance in my work late yesterday and i'm using images from porn and pin ups again. not sure where it's leading, but i'm going to try my stab at making more and thinking less.
i also don't generally post more intimate drawings during their development, but for all i know this beginning drawing may end up in a drawer and never resurface. i'm really enjoying the gouache on yupo and also started another drawing today with prismacolor and graphite. both are pretty difficult to control, they both want to run and bleed on the yupo. i'm also quite surprised that an 8H pencil shows so heavy and dark on the slick surface. it actually shows more like an HB on regular paper. so i will be on a quest to find a 9H and other alternatives to getting a softer look. i may end up resorting to variations of grey colored pencil.


  1. Hey michele - have you ever tried silver point on yupo? i wonder if that would yield a softer grey as well? also, I'm glad you spell grey with an e instead of with an a. I always thought it looked weird with an a.

  2. i haven't tried silverpoint....interesting suggestion. thanks!