If you haven't already heard about ArtPrize, it's an open art competition in Grand Rapids, MI. It's happening this fall and is determined by public vote. The top Prize is $250,000 with overall prizes totaling $500,000. I was on the fence as to whether I should apply or curate, one or the other, I couldn't do both. At the last minute with much encouragement from Deb and after realizing I've spent $50 in worse ways, I decided to fork over the registration fee and take a gamble on one venue. At the very least, I would get to show work and add a line to the resume. ArtPrizes website serves as a bit of a match maker. Both artists and venues fill out profiles and make 'connections' if they are interested in each other. The venues vary from museums, to banks, to bridges, to the Grand River and are all concentrated within three square miles. With a final total of 1,261 artists in the running, downtown will be quite exciting during the September 23 - October 10 exhibit dates. Out of the 5,000 artists that entered, I am one of the lucky ones that secured a venue and will get to show my work. You can check out my profile and come visit me in my space and even vote for me if you feel the love.

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  1. Cool. Looks like your space is a perfect fit. Best of luck with all the installation, and remember to have fun :)