i spent most of the day in the studio thinking i would start a new series of drawings. i've been so busy with other commitments that my work tends to take a back seat. i often wish i could walk right in to the studio, sit down, and start drawing. i should know by now that my process is a bit more complex than that. i spend a lot of time thinking, thinking, thinking, writing, thinking, looking, thinking some more, looking some more, thinking, thinking, thinking, finally having my AHA! moment, then drawing like a mad woman.
i can't say i didn't make anything. i did one small drawing of furniture on yupo after i had been x-acto blading my room and board catalog and i also began a figurative drawing. part of me likes the disconnect of drawing domestic objects and structuring my own spaces, the other part of me really wants to make a connection and i feel i can accomplish that through figurative work....now, to who and what do i want to communicate.
i think part of my frustration in the studio right now too is tied to readings, movies, and experiences i've come across recently that leave me feeling like any kind of hardship i've had is minute in comparison to what others have endured. i know that there is constant comparison circulating. comparing ourselves to others, other to others, ourselves to objects, objects to objects, and its through this examination that we become informed about ourselves.

The deeper I progress in my art, the less I feel like I know.
why am i making art and why does it matter?
i think maybe a little self help is needed, time to pull out some Art and Fear

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